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Partnering on the Path to Production

Rigado’s team of solution architects and engineers has unique experience with large-scale commercial IoT deployments, having assisted more than 300 customers with their IoT solutions since 2010.

Our solutions engineers often partner with customer teams on their path to production, assisting with key aspects of solution design, development and deployment, and support.

While not required in order to use Cascade, we highly recommend leveraging Rigado’s solutions team to reduce the time, cost and risk of your edge gateway solution.

*Rigado Services are offered as a part of the Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution.
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Prototype Phase

During prototyping, IoT teams are often focused on creating a proof-of-concept data pipeline from device-to-cloud, allowing them to see the system in action and validate key assumptions. Due to the complexity of IoT connectivity and integration, teams often find this takes weeks, or even months.

Rigado offers a Cascade Prototype Kit to provide teams with a full device-to-cloud solution, right out of the box. Our Prototype Kit includes:

  • A Rigado Cascade Gateway with LTE and activated cellular service
  • 3 multi-sensor Bluetooth devices (temp, motion, humidity, etc.) from Ruuvi
  • A configured Edge Connect data pipeline running on the gateway – collecting BLE advertisements and pushing data to any cloud end-point (typically AWS or Azure)

In addition to the Prototype Kit, our Solutions team often works with clients to develop custom device integrations during the prototyping phase, especially for Bluetooth devices with custom profiles. To learn more about the Prototype Kit, contact our Solutions team.

prototype pilot production support commercial iot deployments
prototype pilot production support commercial iot deployments

Pilot Phase

During the pilot phase, Rigado often partners with IoT teams to plan for and deploy gateways into a number of pilot locations for real-world testing.

Typically our team is asked to assist with elements such as:

  • Site surveys – visiting pilot locations to determine ideal gateway and sensor placement – including an evaluation of connectivity, coverage and mounting options
  • Pre-configuration – The ability to manage gateway configurations via Edge Direct allow the creation of plug-and-play kits
  • Installation and provisioning – we have developed a variety of tools to assist with pre-deployment and onsite configuration, including mobile tools for registering devices with customers’ cloud services.

Production Phase

As production roll-out begins, Rigado works with clients to plan for a smooth and efficient deployment across their regions and locations. Typically this includes activities such as:

  • Production planning – Rigado account managers work with customers and partners to plan their production gateway manufacturing, configuration, logistics and deployment processes
  • Installer training – we have developed guides and trainings for customer and service partner teams to assist with large-scale deployments

In addition to the installer training mentioned above, we also have installation partners who have experience deploying Rigado gateways worldwide.

prototype pilot production support commercial iot deployments
prototype pilot production support commercial iot deployments

Support Phase

The Cascade service includes a dedicated account manager to assist teams with any technical, operational or equipment issues.  Usually, customer require only occasional support from our team, as they plan additional roll-outs or make changes to their production logistics.

Some customers also continue to leverage our Support and Solution Engineering teams after Production roll-out, such as for additional feature development or device integrations.  In these cases, we engage with teams on a individual project basis, and also offer extended Support Programs (Silver, Gold, Platinum Support) for up to 20 hours per month of dedicated support.

Combined, the Rigado team, tools and services above provide Rigado customers with a streamlined and secure path from Pilot to Production.

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