Rigado Powers “Works With GoPro” Developer Program

GoPro made some big headlines recently with the announcement of their “Works With GoPro” developer program. By opening up their platform to approved development partners, GoPro is making it easier than ever for developers to create the next great GoPro-compatible products, as well as making their brand synonymous with technical innovation.

works-with-gopro-300x85As mentioned in Silicon Florist, Rigado is one of the first companies to participate in the “Works With GoPro” developer program, and we’re involved in a couple of exciting ways:

First, our BMD-300 series of BLE modules is fully compatible with GoPro products. The BMD-300 series modules can send virtually any command and stream metadata to the GoPro Hero 4 via Bluetooth, making it the ideal BLE solution for device manufacturers in the GoPro Developer Program who want to jump-start their development efforts.

But beyond just offering a best-in-class hardware solution, Rigado now offers end-to-end support for members of the GoPro Developer program, including hardware design to software development to product manufacturing.

Upon acceptance into the GoPro Developer Program, we can provide developers with access to libraries and source code that connects the BMD-300 series modules to GoPro products, as well as examples of sample product integrations and best-in-class service and support.

We’ve also created a reference design for GoPro’s HeroBus, which gives developers complete information on how to connect an STM32 microprocessor board to GoPro’s proprietary I/O port.

We believe that our team of experienced consultants and developers is second-to-none and can ensure seamless integration into iOS and Android applications. If you’re interested in learning more about what Rigado can do for your “Works With GoPro” efforts, please drop us a line.