Rigado Unveils Edge Connectivity Suite with Bluetooth 5 Support

Rigado is pleased to announce its Edge Infrastructure Solution with full support for Bluetooth 5. Designed for large-scale commercial IoT deployments, Rigado’s latest Edge Infrastructure Solution is comprised of Bluetooth 5 end-device modules and the Vesta IoT Gateway, which includes cloud-based tools for secure deployment and updating.  

Low-Power Wireless for Commercial IoT Applications

The Edge Infrastructure Solution actively addresses a growing need for low-power wireless within commercial IoT applications like asset tracking, smart lighting and connected retail and hospitality. And our Bluetooth 5-enabled solutions support the flexibility, interoperability and security demands of large-scale commercial IoT deployments. Moreover, the suite addresses the market need for Edge Computing at scale, paving a secure and cost-effective road for data from device-to-cloud.

The Rigado Edge Infrastructure Solution

Specifically designed for companies who need to develop, deploy and manage a large number of connected devices and gateways, the Rigado Edge Infrastructure Solution provides seamless integration between IoT devices and the Cloud. It includes:

  • Certified end device modules – Rigado modules save connected product teams six months and $200K+ in design, test and certification.  Fully Bluetooth 5 enabled, Rigado modules also feature mesh networking capabilities, ideal for applications like smart lighting, asset tracking, and connected retail.
  • Edge computing gateways – Rigado Vesta gateways manage connectivity to end devices and ensure data reaches public and private cloud services. They also support custom edge applications to process data and offer local device control.  Flexible wireless options and customizability mean that companies can optimize their gateway for cost-effective enterprise deployment.
  • Cloud-based tools for secure deployment and updating– Companies require a scalable solution to securely manage updates to devices in the field. That’s why every Rigado gateway ships with Rigado’s provisioning and release management system that integrates with existing development tools for secure updating at scale.

If you have plans to be at IoT Tech Expo, please stop by booth #207 to see the Rigado Edge Infrastructure Solution in action. Interested in more details before then? Download our IoT Gateway specifications and BMD 340 Data sheets or contact us for a more in-depth discussion as to how we can tailor an Edge Infrastructure Solution specific to your business and technical requirements.