Rigado and Nordic Semiconductor Technologies Pair to Rapidly Deploy Commercial IoT

Nordic Semiconductor announced today that Rigado’s Edge Connectivity Suite is based on Nordic’s nRF52840 Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) advanced multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC). Comprised of the new BMD-340 module, Vesta IoT gateway, and DeviceOps for device management and updating, the new suite is fully Bluetooth 5-certified, thanks to the power of the Nordic SoC.

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Nordic’s nRF52840, the first full Bluetooth 5 SoC to arrive on the market, enables Rigado’s solutions to take full advantage of new Bluetooth 5 features like long-range mode, fast (2 Mbit) data transfer rate, and extended advertising capabilities. This means that the nRF52 Series-powered Vesta IoT Gateway is an even more full-featured, cost-effective edge router to connect wireless devices, run edge applications, and integrate with cloud services. And, the BMD-340 module can offer full mesh networking capabilities which are ideal for applications such as smart lighting or asset tracking.

Rapidly Prototype Bluetooth 5 IoT

To help companies rapidly prototype their commercial Bluetooth 5 IoT solutions, Nordic and Rigado have also partnered to create the Rigado IoT Development Kit (DK), which combines the Vesta IoT Gateway with Nordic’s Thingy:52 sensor.

The Nordic Thingy:52 DK enables app developers to configure, test, and demonstrate Bluetooth LE IoT devices linked to mobile apps and Cloud platforms, without needing firmware coding skills or development tools. The Rigado IoT DK includes sample software that makes it easy to capture sensor information from the Nordic Thingy:52 and analyze and display it through Rigado’s Gateway Web app, or stream sensor data to Amazon Web Services where it is in turn visualized in a Cloud-based dashboard.

The Rigado IoT DK is available immediately.

If you have plans to be at IoT Tech Expo, please stop by booth #207 to see the Rigado Edge Connectivity Suite with Nordic SoC in action. Or, order your Gateway developer kit today. Interested in additional information as to how we can tailor an Edge Connectivity solution specific to your commercial requirements?

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