Rigado Cascade Platform Update Brings Expanded Orchestration, Observability and Management Features

See More With The Latest Cascade Update

Today we are excited to announce a major platform update to the Rigado Cascade Edge-as-a-Service that brings with it entirely new levels of orchestration, observability, and management.

Through this update, users can now see exactly what is installed on each gateway on their network and can more easily deploy their IoT solutions at scale.

Specifically, the update adds the following functionality:

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) now provides insight into performance levels on your gateways. Memory, disk usage, network traffic, bandwidth, CPU utilization, and more are all available for display. This functionality also allows for visibility into individual software deployments and establishes a link between new applications and performance benchmarks. This provides for an easy path to identifying memory leaks or efficiency problems. Further, using APM in tandem with the managed deployments for beta and release candidate versions of software now gives customers better visibility on how early updates or new versions of software will affect overall system performance. This is especially important for resource constrained edge devices that are not physically accessible.
  • Log File Management has also been added with the capability of both manual remote log retrieval or real time streaming of logs to a log-based management solution. This allows for you to use both Rigado tools for quick development and incorporate our tools into in the way that works best for you.
  • Remote Network Management and Application Configuration capabilities have been added. This allows users to configure individual gateways for specific customer network or application requirements.

These features are all included in the update with the effort to help you better understand your network, the machines you use, and the applications you’re running.

Supporting Modern Infrastructure at Scale

Rigado understands the challenge of supporting modern infrastructure at scale. Constant upkeep of the performance, stability and connectivity of the devices you manage is paramount – and conducting that upkeep with thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of devices can be a major challenge.

This platform update will help IoT solutions teams to deploy their applications sooner, monitor and update their deployments more effectively, and maintain the critical upkeep of devices – no matter where they are located in the world.

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