Rigado at the Wearable Tech in Sport Summit

We were excited to be in San Francisco this week at the Wearable Tech in Sport Summit, alongside some of the most innovative names in wearables and connected devices – GoPro, Reebok, Motorola, Gatorade, Fossil / Misfit and others.


cbf2_explodedbottlecap1Personally, I thought one of the highlights was hearing more about Gatorade’s Gx platform for real-time fitness tracking and personalized hydration:


… as they roll that platform out to players, teams and coaches, a whole set of interesting connectivity challenges (and opportunities) come into play.  Kudo to Drew Palin, Gatorade’s Gx Product Lead for a good presentation.  More about Gatorade Gx here.




Also of interest was Halo Neuroscience’s “neuropriming” headband for faster, better training.  They’re still pre-launch, but their initial test results of athlete’s gains after using the device were very impressive.  Will be watching that one.

Thanks to Innovation Enterprise for hosting the event.