Rigado Announces Availability of BMD-350

bmd-350-w-pencil-2We are excited to announce today the availability of the Rigado BMD-350, a Bluetooth 4.2 + NFC module. Smaller than the size of an aspirin, at only 8.6 x 6.4 x 1.5mm, the BMD-350 has a range of well over 100 meters.

This combination of power, size and range makes the BMD-350 ideal for advanced wearable and portable applications. (You can check out additional specs and access the BMD-350 eval kit here.)

The BMD-350 is based on the industry-leading Nordic nRF52 series SoC as the combination of power efficiency and performance in this series is really unmatched. Nordic also features on-chip NFC capability for new modes in IoT pairing. Nordic’s Alf Helge Omre had this to say in today’s announcement:

“Modules are a valuable option for companies and developers that wish to fast-track an IoT product to market. By using a module such as the Rigado BMD-350, companies will be able to access the latest market-leading wireless technology and Rigado’s support tools, without having to tackle expensive custom hardware and software engineering in-house.”

The Rigado BMD-350 benefits from our DeviceOps support tools which enable engineers to safely and easily update and extend their connected devices. This of course helps maintain compatibility and provides the ability to easily add new features as they become available, thus keeping the time between innovation and market delivery to a minimum.

Rigado’s low-energy wireless products reduce time-to-market and entry risk for product teams by providing quality, plug and play BLE modules that are pre-certified. Eradicating the lengthy certification process allows companies to move at the speed of the market (which is growing seemingly faster every day) and effectively maximize mind- and market share.

Our experienced engineering team has successfully launched over 100 IoT products and we’d be delighted to partner with your team to launch yours. If you are interested in using our expertise as a springboard to your IoT success, contact us today.