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[Webinar] Bluetooth at the Edge: 2019 Market Update with the Bluetooth SIG

Presented by: Chuck Sabin, Sr. Dir. Business Strategy, Bluetooth SIG & Kevin Tate, CRO, Rigado

In this webinar Chuck Sabin and Kevin Tate discuss the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update and what the findings tell us about the future of the Commercial IoT market. They take a look at existing and emerging Bluetooth use cases such as location services and sensor device networks, and discuss how to successfully architect and implement a wireless edge data network for enterprise Bluetooth applications at commercial scale.

Topics covered:

  • How Bluetooth is expanding from consumer tech wireless protocol of choice to preferred commercial-scale connectivity engine.
  • Trends and forecasts for Bluetooth in commercial smart environment use cases like connected workplace and warehouse asset tracking and monitoring.
  • How to design a best-fit sensor-to-cloud wireless edge data solution architecture.
  • Best practices for a successful edge data infrastructure production deployment, including minimal impact to existing systems.


About the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update
Supported by updated forecasts from ABI Research and insights from several other analyst firms, the Bluetooth Market Update examines the growth and health of the Bluetooth SIG member community, trends and forecasts for each key Bluetooth solution area, and new trends in traditional Bluetooth markets as well as forecasts in emerging markets in which Bluetooth is taking on an expanded role. The Bluetooth Market Update is intended to help global IoT decision makers stay up-to-date on the role Bluetooth technology can play in their technical roadmaps and markets.


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