[Webinar] Healthcare Asset Monitoring at Scale Using BLE

Presented by: Paul Della Villa, Business Segment Manager, Onset & Kevin Tate, CRO, Rigado

Healthcare facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, and medical clinics rely on cold chain solutions to maintain safe storage conditions for vaccines and medicines. A breakdown in process can result in breach of compliance, significant financial loss, and/or loss of life. In this webinar Paul Della Villa from Rigado partner Onset Data Loggers discusses how they leverage Rigado gateways and BLE networks to provide a plug-and-play cold-chain sensing and monitoring solution for commercial healthcare facilities.

Topics covered:

  • Designing an edge computing architecture that enables quick, secure alerting with centralized data logging and management.
  • Leveraging BLE advertisements for quick, remote notification of alarms.
  • Cost-effective scalability made possible by utilizing a gateway hub device.
  • Architecting a plug and play product solution for commercial facilities to install and manage.
  • Deploying an IoT solution that meets CDC, FDA, VFC and Local State Requirements and is 21CFR compliant.


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