[Webinar] No Silos at the Edge: The Need For Shared IoT Infrastructure

Presented by: Kevin Tate, CRO, Rigado

IoT gateways play a central role in sensor-to-cloud connectivity, and are typically brought into a solution today to support a single, specific application, such as badge tracking, occupancy sensing, or lighting control. This ‘silo’ model, however, becomes unsustainable in commercial environments, where there is a requirement for multiple applications to run simultaneously. Commercial-scale IoT infrastructure is instead moving toward a multi-tenant, shared edge environment – one that will ultimately help unlock the promise of connected devices and spaces. In this webinar Kevin Tate shares his thoughts on navigating this evolution.

Topics covered:

  • The role of Commercial IoT gateways today versus in the future.
  • Moving from a ‘device-up’ to a ‘cloud-down’ approach to edge infrastructure.
  • Key benefits of the cloud-down approach, including enabling cost-effective, portable edge computing workloads.
  • New market models for the cloud-down approach.


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