VANITQ provides a low-code platform that allows companies to rapidly create and manage real-time software applications.  VANTIQ recently announced their Back to Work Accelerator program to assist companies with their safe return to the  office during and after COVID-19.


Using their Accelerator as the basis, VANTIQ sought to create a Back to Work solution for their own corporate headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA. With their employees preparing to re-enter the office, VANTIQ’s office operations team needed a Safe Workplace monitoring solution that would address key monitoring and reporting areas such as occupancy management, space utilization, safety compliance and social distancing.  Also, they needed a solution that would be easy to deploy, but extensible for the future.


VANTIQ turned to Rigado, part of their Back to Work Accelerator, to provide the Safe Workplace edge device network to power their Back to Work program – “Project Q”. They worked with the Rigado solutions team as well as their systems integration partner, Bits in Glass, to deploy a comprehensive Safe Workplace Monitoring solution that includes:

  • Presence Sensors to track hand sanitizer usage & compliance
  • Occupancy Sensors to monitor space utilization
  • Intelligent Cameras to track Occupancy and Social Distancing

The Rigado solution was configured and deployed in under two weeks, and includes the ability to easily add more sensors and devices in the future – such as Asset Tracking Tags and Safety Displays.



Real-time Analytics and Alerts

The VANTIQ solution provides their team with a real-time view of key Safe Workplace metrics at their Corporate HQ, including the ability to manage alerts and interventions when required.

As shown in the dashboard below, VANTIQ is able to easily monitor:

  • Number of People present in each location/room/zone of the office
  • Hand Sanitizer Usage and fill level in each area
  • Occupancy of conference rooms & offices
  • Any alerts or notifications based on real-time analysis


When an alert is triggered – for example, if a Social Distancing camera detected too many people in the break room, VANTIQ can zoom in to see what causes the alert, and make sure the situation is addressed.

Rigado was excited to be a part of VANTIQ’s Back to Work Accelerator program, and to quickly apply the solution to their own corporate headquarters for a safe return to the office.

Find out more about Rigado’s Safe Workplace solutions here.


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