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RXR Realty is the third-largest real estate owner in New York City, with over 25 million square feet of space across the tri-state area, including some of the most iconic addresses in Manhattan. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the company needed a way after its buildings reopened for business. Working with key partners McKinsey & Co., Infosys, Rigado, and Microsoft, RXR used Microsoft Azure to create and deploy an intelligent, secure, hyperscalable solution—in just a few months.


When COVID-19 hit, a statewide stay-at-home order shut down all nonessential services in New York. Offices and streets emptied as the number of cases mushroomed.

RxR quickly developed a plan to re-open offices centered on several use cases:

  • People counting, to know how many people are in a building and its various common spaces
  • Social distance detection, to determine whether people are keeping the appropriate distance
  • Face-mask detection, to help enforce New York State’s mask mandate
  • No-touch thermal sensors, to safely check all arriving guests for telltale fever

For RxR, making all this information available and digestible could increase transparency, empower decisions, and ease minds.


At a high level, the RxWell solution’s architecture has three main zones: on-premises, the cloud, and the end-user apps.

On-premises, RxR deployed Rigado people counting and occupancy sensors, as well as displays, badges, and alert buttons throughout each building. These devices, combined with the Cascade Gateway, comprise Rigado Safe Workplaces Solution.

RxR benefitted from Rigado’s Azure-certified plug and play device library, making it easy to build a pilot solution in its 75 Rockafeller Plaza building. Rigado, Microsoft, and RxR developed a joint solution architecture that can be replicated across all of the RxR properties:

One of the key requirements of the solution is accurate people counting. Using the RS40 occupancy sensor and the APS-90E people sensor together, RxR is able to achieve nearly 100% accurate in their monitored traffic areas.  Learn more about Rigado’s occupancy and people counting solution here.



Creating a Building Wellness Index

The data from the Rigado edge network provides real-time status to the RxWell dashboard and mobile applications, used by building staff and tenants to understand the safety and availability of key resources. For example, the APS-90E people counter allows them to see how many individuals have entered and exited a given space, which helps monitor the need for cleaning. Additionally, the digital displays and alert buttons give cleaning staff and tenants the ability to see and report on conditions when necessary.

“Rigado, like a lot of the partners that Microsoft brought to us, has been highly responsive, quick, and able to adapt. It’s been crucial.”
—Cory Clarke, Vice President of Product Management and Strategic Partnerships, RXR Realty

Want to learn more about RxWell?  Read the full story here.

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