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Mauser Packaging Solutions is a global leader in sustainable packaging and recycling, with over 180 sites and 11,000 employees worldwide. Mauser provides eco-friendly containers and services across a variety of industries including healthcare, automotive, food & beverage, and industrial chemicals. Their Infinity IBC won the 2020 PackTheFuture award for sustainable industrial packaging.


Mauser delivers and recycles its IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) to hundreds of customers globally, and monitoring their location and status can be a challenge. Dave Allen, Director of IT at Mauser, was looking for a way to better track these containers to improve efficiency. “We were looking for a way to see which IBCs were at different customer sites without installing expensive monitoring devices which could be damaged or lost in transit.” 

Mauser had spent months looking for different options but couldn’t find the right combination of cost and reliability. Furthermore, each technology required complicated implementation just to get to a “viability” phase, creating more distraction for Dave and his team.



Dave heard about the Presto Kit from Rigado and ordered one after seeing the demo. Within days he had installed the kit, and using the E8 Asset Tags could already start seeing IBCs in his Azure IoT Central application. He then got a second kit to show how different IBCs would be tracked between locations by having a Rigado Cascade-500W gateway at each site. In the end, he had a clear solution for his IBC monitoring pilot:

  • Rigado Cascade-500W Gateways
    with secure management and LTE connectivity
  • Wireless asset tags attached to each IBC
  • Integration with Azure IoT Central for real-time status and dashboards
  • Reporting using Analytics Exports and PowerBI

With this in place, Mauser is able to track hundreds or thousands of IBCs at various customer locations and schedule pickup and delivery more accurately, saving cost and improving customer experience.


Presto Accelerates the PoC

Whether it’s asset monitoring, safe workplaces, or retail experiences, the Presto Kit was made to simplify the process of showing the potential value of IoT for solution providers. Mauser’s experience is similar to what others have seen with Presto. For Dave and his team, it took a months-long process down to a few days.

“The Presto Kit made our proof-of-concept incredibly simple. Setting up the LTE-enabled gateway, peel & stick sensors, and the Azure integration was easier than any other solution we had tried. It let us focus on the ultimate goal of a market launch with our customers.” 

Dave Allen, IT Director at Mauser

Ready for Pilot

Having done a successful PoC in-house, Mauser was ready to take their new IBC management capabilities to a customer, one of the largest chemical products makers in the world. The pilot is ongoing and Mauser expects to bring enhanced IBC tracking to all of its customers as the solution is refined.

If you want to learn more about the Presto Kit and accelerate your smart spaces project, check it out here!

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