September 20, 2016

Rigado Unveils the BMD-350, an Ultra-Compact Bluetooth 4.2 + NFC Module

Featuring Power and Performance Tuned Specifically for Wearables and Portable Devices

PORTLAND, OR, September 20, 2016 — (Marketwired) – Rigado announced today general availability of the BMD-350. Designed specifically for wearables and portable devices, the BMD-350 is a Bluetooth 4.2 + NFC module with a footprint of only 8.6 x 6.4 x 1.5mm, based on the industry-leading Nordic nRF52 series SoC. Rigado is known for its easy to design, deploy and scale modules that accelerate market advantage and the BMD-350 is no exception giving IoT innovators a ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity solution perfectly suited for high-performance, low-power wearables and portable devices.

“Our clients — especially those creating commercial and wearable IoT devices — are focused on reducing time-to-market and entry risk by leveraging our certified modules and software,” explains Ben Corrado, CEO of Rigado. “A plug-and-play BLE module that ranges well beyond 100 meters, and is only the size of an aspirin, opens up a whole range of new applications.”

Stay Smart with DeviceOps
“For IoT products, customers expect their smart devices to stay smart and even ‘get smarter’ over time,” says Justin Rigling, Rigado’s VP of Engineering. “Our clients require the ability to update and extend their connected devices to maintain compatibility and also unlock new features capabilities as those become available.”

Rigado enables just this with its DeviceOps tools which allow for faster development and secure over-the-air firmware updates. As with Rigado’s other wireless modules, the BMD-350 will allow product design teams to speed up time-to-market for IoT product lines, reduce customer risk and efficiently manage the secure future updating of device firmware and configuration.

Based on Nordic nRF52
Rigado chose Nordic Semiconductors to supply the foundation of the module. Nordic offers an unmatched combination of performance and power efficiency in the nRF52 series, which also features on-chip NFC capability for new modes in IoT pairing. These advantages, combined with Nordic’s global deployment ranging into the tens of millions, makes for an innovative solution with a pedigree of proven in-the-field success.

“Modules are a valuable option for companies and developers that wish to fast-track an IoT product to market,” concludes Alf Helge Omre, Business Development at Nordic Semiconductor. “By using a module such as the Rigado BMD-350, companies will be able to access the latest market-leading wireless technology and Rigado’s support tools, without having to tackle expensive custom hardware and software engineering in-house.”

Availability and Showcase
The BMD-350 is available immediately as is the BMD-350 Evaluation Kit. You can see the new BMD-350 in action at the IOT Tech Expo, Santa Clara October 20-21st. Evaluation kits can be ordered directly at directly at

About Rigado
Rigado delivers smart wireless solutions for a connected world. They offer certified low-energy wireless modules and tools to accelerate development for Bluetooth Low Energy & Thread, as well as their DeviceOps platform for secure over-the-air updating. Rigado’s engineering team has partnered with consumer, commercial and industrial clients to launch over 100 IoT products. With offices in Portland and Salem, OR, Rigado can be reached at

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