November 15, 2017

Rigado Unveils Edge Connectivity Suite with Bluetooth 5 Support

Rigado’s device-to-cloud solution reduces the cost and risk of commercial IoT deployments

PORTLAND, Ore., November 15, 2017 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Rigado today announced its Edge Connectivity Suite with full support for Bluetooth 5. Designed specifically for large-scale commercial IoT deployments, Rigado’s latest Edge Connectivity solution is comprised of Bluetooth 5 end-device modules and the Vesta IoT Gateway, which includes cloud-based tools for secure deployment and updating. Now expanded to include Nordic Semiconductor’s powerful new nRF52840 SoC, Rigado’s Bluetooth 5 solutions pave a secure and cost-effective road for data from device-to-cloud.

“Many manufacturers and integrators are now choosing Bluetooth Low Energy for their Commercial IoT applications – such as asset tracking and smart lighting – and the new Bluetooth 5 features make it an even more attractive option,” said Ben Corrado, CEO at Rigado. “But using BLE for large-scale IoT deployments requires a solution that addresses flexibility, interoperability and security. That’s what Rigado provides.”

The Rigado Edge Connectivity Suite

Specifically designed for companies who need to develop, deploy and manage a large number of connected devices and gateways, the Rigado Edge Connectivity Suite includes:

  • Certified end device modules – Rigado modules save connected product teams six months and $200K+ in design, test and certification. Fully Bluetooth 5 enabled, Rigado modules also feature mesh networking capabilities, ideal for applications like smart lighting and asset tracking.
  • Edge computing gateways – Rigado Vesta IoT gateways manage connectivity to end devices and ensure data reaches public and private cloud services. They also support custom edge applications to process data and offer local device control. Flexible wireless options and customizability mean that companies can optimize their gateway for cost-effective enterprise deployment.
  • Cloud-based tools for secure deployment and updating – Companies require a scalable solution to securely manage updates to devices in the field. That’s why every Rigado gateway ships with Rigado’s provisioning and release management system that integrates with existing development tools for secure updating at scale.

Rigado’s Edge Connectivity solutions are increasingly popular for commercial IoT application such as smart buildings, asset tracking, and connected retail, with customers including Steelcase, Deco Lighting and Radius Networks.

“Rigado’s IoT gateways allow us to quickly develop, deploy and scale our mobile proximity solutions for retailers and restaurants,” says David Helms, Chief Technology Officer of Radius Networks. “We evaluated a wide range of edge connectivity options, and found the Rigado gateway to be a uniquely customizable and cost-effective solution for large scale, low-power wireless with edge computing power.”

Get Started with the Rigado IoT Development Kit

To help companies rapidly prototype Bluetooth 5 IoT solutions, Nordic and Rigado have partnered to create the Rigado IoT Development Kit, which combines the Rigado Vesta IoT Gateway with the Nordic Thingy:52 sensor. The kit includes sample software that makes it easy to capture sensor information from the Nordic Thingy and visualize it through the Gateway Web app, or stream sensor data to Amazon AWS where it is in turn visualized in a cloud-based dashboard. The IoT Development Kit is available now.

About Nordic and Bluetooth 5

Nordic’s nRF 52840, the first full Bluetooth 5 SoC to arrive on the market, enables Rigado’s solutions to take full advantage of the new Bluetooth 5 features. These include the long-range mode, fast (2 Bit) data transfer rate, and extended advertising capabilities. Combined with security, scalability and management features of the Rigado Edge Connectivity Suite, Bluetooth 5 presents a cost-effective wireless platform for commercial IoT applications such as asset tracking, smart lighting and connected retail.

The Rigado family of integrated edge connectivity solutions will be generally available in Q1, 2018. Samples are available immediately. To see the Rigado line of edge connectivity solutions in action, visit booth #207 at IoT Tech Expo.

About Rigado

Rigado delivers edge connectivity and computing solutions for large-scale IoT deployments. Their products include certified low-energy wireless modules, the Vesta IoT Gateway, and DeviceOps platform for secure over-the-air updating. Rigado’s edge connectivity solutions power more than 250 global customers and 5 million connected devices.

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