Interpreting data from the RS40


To use the RS40 occupancy sensor to detect presence of a location such as a room or hallway it is recommended to place the sensor on the ceiling to give it the largest unobstructed view of the desired area.  Alternatively you can place it above doorways or on a wall, it is suggested to place it high out of hand reach to give an unobstructed view and prevent easy tampering with the sensor.

Traffic counting

For use of the RS40 occupancy sensor as a traffic counter for an entry way or thoroughfare it is recommended to place the sensor near a choke point pointed directly at the location.  Placing the sensor close to these areas and limiting the view of surrounding areas will give the most accurate count and prevent double counting the same person in an area.  Placement along the side or top of an archway or doorway pointed directly at the center is ideal for this application.