Networking and Viewing the APS-90E in IoT Central

This article describes how to network and view the APS-90E device.



1. Setup Network Connectivity

There are two options for connecting the Cascade Gateway and the APS-90E. Both require Power-over-Ethernet to be supplied to the APS-90E. This can be done with a PoE switch (as shown below), or with a PoE injector.

(Recommended) Connectivity option 1 is to use Ethernet for both devices.  This will be generally more reliable and will ensure the APS-90E remains online if LTE service is disrupted.



Connectivity option 2 uses the LTE connection in the Cascade-500W gateway.  This is ideal if Ethernet WAN connectivity is not available.  Please contact Rigado support in order to enable this mode, as it requires special configuration on the Cascade gateway.


2. View the APS-90E in IoT Central

Once powered on, the APS-90E will automatically connect to the same IoT Central application as the Cascade Gateway. Simply log in to the application and view the device list. Under "Hella APS90" you should see a new device appear:


Click on the device listed to see the detailed view:


Note the IP address.  This is what we will use to log in and configured the APS-90E.  Notice Line 1 and Line 2 are "waiting for data." Once we configure a counting line, data will appear here.

To log in to the APS-90E, simply copy the IP address and paste it into a new browser tab on your PC. (Note: if typing in the address, use https:// as the address prefix).  The PC must be on the same LAN in order to access the APS-90E.  

Now you can move on to configuring the APS-90E for counting.