Adding the HOBO MX-100 Temperature Monitor to an IoT Central Dashboard

This article describes how to add your Hobo MX-100 Temp Sensor to an IoT Central Dashboard.


1. Verify the MX-100 is online

First we will confirm your MX-100 is online and sending data to IoT Central. Make sure it is near the Cascade-500W (within 50 feet). From your IoT Central application, select Devices from the left menu, and select "Hobo MX-100". This will bring up a list of devices.


Click on the device that appears in the list. If no devices appear in the list, try repairing it with the gateway and verify it is within range. By default, a chart will appear showing the history of data collected from the monitor:


You should see some data beginning to populate the chart, and you can also rename the device here.

Tip: if you activated multiple buttons before renaming them and can't tell them apart, simply press the button on one of them a number of times and match it to the chart that shows the "launch counter" incrementing.

Once you verify the MX-100 is online, you are ready to add the device to your dashboard.

2. Add the MX-100 to your IoT Central application dashboard

Start by selecting Dashboard on the left menu. When you provisioned your IoT Central Application, a sample dashboard was created with placeholders for your sensor data. It may look something like this:

The tile placement and contents are very customizable.  For more information about adding and customizing IoT Central dashboard tiles, see this article.

In this example, we want to add the Flic button to see the number of button presses. To do this, click "edit" at the top of the dashboard window. This will make the dashboard editable, allowing you to move/remove/add tiles:

Now, you can remove unwanted tiles and add the Flic:

  • In the left menu, under Device template select "Hobo MX-100"
  • Under Device instance, select the particular sensor you saw in step 1.
  • Under¬†Telemetry, check the "Temperature" box.
  • Click "Add Tile" at the bottom of the menu and it will add the tile to the dashboard.
  • Within the newly added tile, click the small gear icon to bring up options and customize the Title to match the name (or other identified you want) of the sensor, and click "Update".
  • Finally, click "Save" at the top of the dashboard. You should now see the button press tile in the body of the dashboard.


Note that the IoT Central dashboard auto-refreshes about every 30 seconds, or you can manually refresh the browser to update the charts.

Next up: Creating Alerts for the Flic Button.