Important Notice: Using Multiple Cascade-500W Gateways with the Swift Kit

This article is intended for those using multiple Cascade-500W gateways with your Swift Kit, and clarifies limitations that exist with the Azure integration for the Swift Kit.  These issues only relate to adding multiple gateways to the same IoT Central application.  If you are using multiple gateways with different IoT Central Applications, you can disregard this notice.

Issue summary: Installing multiple gateways in the same physical location will result in inconsistent data reporting from sensors to IoT Central, and is not recommended at this time. This limitation only applies to Swift Kit users and not production deployments with Rigado Cascade.

Details: The Rigado Swift Kit integration with Azure IoT Central uses the Cascade-500W gateway to register each sensor to IoT Central. When a sensor is communicating to two Cascade gateways simultaneously, this can create a race condition leading to repeated registrations and disconnects from the application, resulting in unpredictable sensor behavior.

Mitigation:  Rigado is working on a solution to support this use case for the Swift Kit. In the meantime we suggest the following:

  • Only add multiple gateways to the same IoT Central application if they will be installed in separate locations, such as two different offices or stores. In this case each sensor will only be able to communicate with one gateway at a time.
  • If you are intending to use multiple gateways in a single location to increase coverage, please reach out to our solutions team to map sensors to a specific gateway using our management tools, which will enable this use case.

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