Activating your Flic Button

This article describes how to activate your Flic multi-purpose button.


Activating the Button

To setup the button, first make sure it is nearby (within 50 feet) of the Cascade-500W. Press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds to initiate the pairing process. You will notice the LED on the button flash during this time.

Now that the button is paired, it will appear in your IoT Central application and additional button presses will be counted. Now, you can setup a visual dashboard and create alerts with the Flic button.

Using the Flic Button Adhesive

The Flic button comes with a specialized micro-suction adhesive that makes it simple to stick to any surface and later relocate as desired. Simply peel the back cover to reveal the suction surface and press to adhere. If you later decide to move it, just apply a damp cloth to clean the micro-suction cups and it will be good as new!


Next up: Adding a Flic button to an IoT Central Dashboard.