Commercial IoT environments require shared edge infrastructure

IoT Agenda

As enterprises continue to implement IoT for customer experiences, smart building systems, automation and more, we see that the workflow from the sensor to the cloud often exists within its own, individual silo. The result of this is that many businesses today are operating...

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IoT tech cluster takes shape

Oregon Business

It is not just manufacturers that are turning to IoT solutions. The companies that lease space to manufacturers are also looking at providing IoT as a service, much like commercial building owners provide Wi-Fi. Portland technology company Rigado specializes in IoT solutions in the commercial and manufacturing sectors. One of its clients is a large warehouse operator, which owns ...

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Behind the Scenes at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

IoT For All

In eight years and after about 100 projects, Rigado has figured out where the gaps are in connectivity and gateway issues. The company provides edge-as-a-service (EaaS) infrastructures for Commercial IoT solutions such as asset tracking. CEO, Ben Corrado and VP of Corporate Development, Brad McMahon from Rigado spoke to us about how many companies have little competency in how to ...

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Ten edge computing vendors to watch


Utilizing its Cascade routers, Rigado offers an Edge as a Service solution with secure connectivity and performance monitoring. It's an out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy to get started with edge computing. 451 Research's Hughes noted that the firm also uses ...

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Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Semiconductor Engineering

Rigado said its IoT edge infrastructure is integrated with the new Microsoft Azure Digital Twins for use in smart buildings ..

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Rigado and Microsoft deploy IoT edge-as-service at Salesforce Tower

In-Building Tech

Commercial real estate operators and owners are increasingly looking for ways to develop IoT context-specific smart workplace solutions. Now Rigado, a global provider of edge IoT services and infrastructure, has partnered with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to provide increased efficiency and occupant comfort to the Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco. Microsoft Azure Digital Twins enables IoT service providers to ...

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Rigado and Microsoft Azure Use IoT Edge-as-a-Service for Smart Buildings

IoT Evolution

In a recent release, Rigado, a provider of Commercial IoT Edge-as-a-Service solutions, announced it has integrated its IoT edge infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to support deployment of Smart Workplace solutions for commercial real estate operators to offer ...

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Announcing Azure Digital Twins: Create digital replicas of spaces and infrastructure using cloud, AI and IoT

Microsoft IoT Blog

With sensors to measure temperature, motion, and other conditions, CBRE can help clients understand their spaces and provide great experiences to the people working there. The CBRE 360 mobile app allows users to navigate the workplace, set up meetings with colleagues, reserve workspaces, and access food and beverage, building, and concierge services. Together with Rigado, a global provider of commercial IoT edge-as-a-service solutions, CBRE and Microsoft are rolling out these services at CBRE’s most advanced buildings. ...

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What people are getting wrong about IoT: 10 industry experts weigh in

Tech Target: IoT Agenda

“Companies think they need to build the entire pipeline from sensor to cloud in order to participate in the IoT transformation. That is the 1999 equivalent of ...” – Justin Rigling, CTO, Rigado

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Winners revealed for the 2018 IoT Innovator Awards

IoT Innovator

"We applaud this year’s winners, who are doing so much more than just connecting things; they’re effectively enabling users to make informed, data-driven decisions about the valuable resources..."

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