Bluetooth at the Edge – Rigado and the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update

Bluetooth SIG

For years, Rigado has partnered with a diverse range of companies to leverage Bluetooth technology at scale in commercial environments. “Bluetooth has gained a lot of momentum in what we think will be the primary method that people use to gather data from commercial environments.” According to ...

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Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

Microsoft Azure Blog

CBRE Host is powered by Microsoft Azure Digital Twins and the Microsoft Graph. While remaining agnostic on sensor connections, key shared partners Rigado and Yanzi Networks accelerate Host deployment through their turnkey packages for gateways, access points, occupancy+comfort sensors, and device management capabilities built on the Azure IoT platform. As Host evolves, key tests underway include ...

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Bluetooth continues to grow in smart home, smart building applications

A&S Mag

Rigado specializes in commercial IoT solutions utilizing Bluetooth 5 and Nordic nRF52 Bluetooth chips in its latest devices. Tate explained the reason they took the approach they did was because using a standard protocol such as Bluetooth was less complex, which made it easier to install and run apps. “We’re trying to make it so that customers only have to worry about ...

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The Internet of Things on the Edge

The New Stack

Edge computing is gaining attention since it addresses some of the key issues of implementing industrial IoT use cases. Processing large amounts of sensor data at the edge reduces network bandwidth costs and cloud data storage costs. Edge computing allows for the analysis and filtering of data closer to the sensors so only the relevant data is sent to the cloud. ..

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What it takes to bring Bluetooth to the enterprise

Stacey on IoT

In the last few years, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has pushed hard to broaden the wireless technology standard, introducing elements such as mesh networking and lower energy usage, increasing the amount of data sent through broadcast packets, and boosting ...

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Securing IoT edge infrastructure and mitigating risk

IoT Agenda

When deploying edge connectivity and computing technologies for large-scale commercial IoT, the challenges of complexity, cost and risk often serve as major hurdles between idea and deployment ...

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IoT connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are winning


CES 2019 provided more evidence of companies making decisions on Internet of Things connectivity. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi seem to be prevailing. If IoT connectivity were to be compared to roulette (CES is held in Las Vegas, after all), betting on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is like betting on black or red. With most possible outcomes being one or the other, your odds of winning are pretty good..

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Day 3 of CES and I dug in on enterprise tech

Stacey on IoT

Enterprises apparently aren’t keen to set up a ZigBee network and a variety of boxes for network and compute. They just want the lights to turn on at the right time and save energy. With that in mind, I spoke with Rigado, which is trying to deliver a complete Bluetooth-based stream of information to customers and Comcast’s MachineQ which ...

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Rigado IoT Gateway’s Cellular Capability Means Integrators Don’t Have to Beg for Network Space

Commercial Integrator

IT decision makers are often concerned when an integrator proposes plugging something into their network. So any product that offers cellular-based, sans-ethernet cable security could be a valuable one in any IoT-related project. Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT gateway offers that security-first solution. According to Rigado, “the plug-and-play Rigado IoT Gateway provides companies with a flexible ...

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The blueprint for IoT infrastructure in healthcare

Healthcare Facilities Today

Improving the patient experience, increasing the number of positive healthcare outcomes, and reducing the costs associated with day-to-day operations are goals shared by healthcare administrators and facilities managers alike. New technologies have ...

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