IoT is transforming buildings into intelligent spaces that are better aligned with the needs of both property owners and tenants.
From equipment and personnel tracking to environmental monitoring and building controls automation – connected office solutions enable smarter decision-making, increased tenant satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Typical Applications

Desk and conference room utilization
Occupancy sensors provide real-time visibility to occupied and available spaces for individual desks and shared resources like conference rooms.

Facilities management
Monitor facility entry/exit points, kitchen and restroom equipment levels, HVAC, and more. Set alerts based on key events, such as when a door is left open, temperatures exceed comfort levels, or motion is detected.

Bluetooth beacons and sensors make it easy to provide employees and visitors with the tools needed to navigate large campuses with multiple floors and buildings.

Building access
Real-time employee badge access tracking and control provides accountability and supports a more secure facility.

Rigado Solution Components

• Edge sensors and devices collect and send physical and environmental data at pre-defined intervals via Bluetooth to edge computing devices.
Integrated Sensors & Devices ⟶

• Edge gateways deliver blanket wireless coverage for Bluetooth beacons and sensors, collecting data from thousands of edge devices per second.
Cascade IoT Gateway ⟶

• Rigado Edge Connect provides the scalable and secure edge data pipeline to deliver real-time data physical and environmental data – such as zone, motion, temperature, and humidity – to your on-premise or cloud services.
Edge Connect ⟶

• Rigado Edge Direct provides IoT infrastructure management and monitoring, including ongoing updates and security patches.
Edge Direct ⟶



Smart Building Case Studies

About CBRE

CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. They offer an integrated smart office solution to tenants who want to optimize space utilization and create a happier, more productive workplace.

Our Work Together

Rigado provides occupancy sensors and gateways that deliver office environmental and physical data directly to the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins cloud and CBRE Host system. This turnkey solution allows CBRE to easily add conference room availability and booking to any CBRE Host office installation, while being flexible enough to add future applications.

Why Rigado?
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance
  • Direct Integration with Azure Digital Twins Cloud Backend
  • Built for Scale and Future-Proofing


ICONICS is a global automation software provider for energy, manufacturing, industrial and building applications. A longtime Microsoft Gold Partner, their software is recommended for automating, monitoring, and optimizing a customer’s most critical assets.

Our Work Together

ICONICS leverages Rigado edge data networks integrated with Azure IoT backend to power their Smart Office occupancy data visualization dashboard. Our solutions are bundled and distributed by Arrow Electronics as an out-of-the-box Smart Buildings Solution.

Why Rigado?
  • Wireless Networks and Cloud Experience and Expertise
  • Robust and Ongoing Support
  • End-to-End Security

About OR Technologies

OR Technologies, a Fagerhult Group company, was established in 2017 following the acquisition of Organic Response’s revolutionary lighting controls technology. The business combines world-class research and development in IoT solutions, intimate customer knowledge and global reach to deliver the integrated Smart Lighting solutions of the future, today.

Our Work Together

OR Technologies leverage Rigado gateway networks to power their Organic Response commercial Smart Lighting platform – a wireless “plug & play” lighting control system that allows each individual luminaire to make and communicate data-based lighting decisions to the network. The Organic Response Sensor Node collects presence and ambient light data to inform the Distributed Intelligence architecture.

Why Rigado?
  • Ease of Installation and Scalability
  • High-Performance Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Existing Networks Interoperability

About Steelcase

Founded in 1912, Steelcase today leads the way in creating great workplace experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential. Steelcase turns insights into innovations and pushes limits to transform and reimagine the workplace.

Our Work Together

Steelcase leverage Rigado gateway infrastructure to power their Workplace Advisor space management tool that helps accurately monitor, quantify and optimize workplace performance using unobtrusive, infrared technology. Multiple occupancy sensors collect and send presence data to multiple gateways, ensuring only precise information is stored on the secure Steelcase platform.

Why Rigado?
  • End-to-end Security
  • Edge Data Processing Capability
  • Built for Scale and Future-Proofing



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