Delivering a unique, personalized guest experience is more important than ever for retailers. Rigado Bluetooth-based tracking and monitoring solutions make it easy for commercial spaces of all sizes to drive additional store traffic, reduce inventory loss, and operate more efficiently.

Typical Front of Store Applications

Customer wayfinding
Utilizing asset tracking and location awareness, provide guided instructions for customers to find precisely the item they are looking for.

Order tracking and pickup
When customers order online, having their item ready for pickup in the right place is easier with Rigado’s asset tracking capabilities.

Occupancy alerts
Available parking spaces, restaurant booths, changing rooms, and fitness equipment are just a few examples of how guests can more easily see what’s available to them in real-time.

Congestion monitoring
Using zone occupancy monitoring and alerting, retail managers can quickly respond to increased traffic in checkout lines, customer service, and other high congestion areas.

Rigado retail floor plan

Typical Back of Store Applications

Security & loss prevention
Is the cash register closed? Was the back exit secured after a delivery? Has there been activity in the office or near the safe? Real-time sensor monitoring can provides peace of mind for retail managers.

Environmental monitoring and fire extinguisher tracking can supplement standard employee safety protocols.

Equipment monitoring
Laptops, scanners, and other specialized equipment can be individually tracked as they move through locations, along with the employees that moved them.

Facilities management
Monitor facility entry/exit points, kitchen and restroom equipment levels, HVAC, and more. Set alerts based on key events, such as when a door is left open, temperatures exceed comfort levels, or motion is detected.

Rigado Solution Components

• Edge sensors and devices collect and send physical and environmental data at pre-defined intervals via Bluetooth to edge computing devices.
Integrated Sensors & Devices ⟶

• Edge gateways deliver blanket wireless coverage for Bluetooth beacons and sensors, collecting data from thousands of edge devices per second.
Cascade IoT Gateway ⟶

• Rigado Edge Connect provides the scalable and secure edge data pipeline to deliver real-time data physical and environmental data – such as zone, motion, temperature, and humidity – to your on-premise or cloud services.
Edge Connect ⟶

• Rigado Edge Direct provides IoT infrastructure management and monitoring, including ongoing updates and security patches.
Edge Direct ⟶

Smart Retail Edge Connectivity, Cascade-500 IoT Gateway



Connected Retail Case Studies

Radius Networks Logo

About Radius Networks

Radius Networks is the global leading provider of location-based guest experiences to restaurants and retailers such as table delivery and curbside service at Quick-Serve Restaurants. Their wireless tableside and curbside platforms are installed globally in tens of thousands of locations across more than 60 countries.

Our Work Together

The Radius Networks and Rigado teams partnered to configure a gateway solution with highly accurate Bluetooth performance with edge processing capability that is affordable enough to install and manage across 10,000+ global locations. Radius Networks installs 4-5 gateways in the ceilings of each restaurant that connect to table beacons and mobile apps to deliver precise customer location data to their employee-facing dashboard.

Why Rigado?
  • End-to-End Security
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Built for Scale and Future-Proofing

Read the full case study ⟶

Onset Logo

About Onset

Onset is a global leader in environmental asset monitoring solutions such as cold-chain and vaccine monitoring for healthcare supply chains. Onset has been designing and manufacturing its data loggers and monitoring solutions on site since the company’s founding in 1981.

Our Work Together

Rigado partnered with their team to configure a gateway solution that gathers, processes and sends sensor data from InTemp vaccine monitors to InTemp Servers via Ethernet or Wi-Fi – where data excursions trigger automatic email and SMS notifications. Onset InTemp loggers paired with whitelabel Onset CX gateways arrive to healthcare sites as simple plug-and-play kits – easily extended as deployment size increases.

Why Rigado?
  • Cost-effective and Secure
  • Reliable BLE Connectivity and Interoperability
  • Edge Data Processing and Storage Capabilities

Read the full case study ⟶



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