Rigado’s edge device networks provide operations teams with real-time data and automation for their stores and restaurant locations.

Food Safety & Conditions Monitoring

Rigado enables a wide range of sensors and devices for real-time, wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and environmental conditions to maintain food safety and compliance records.

Typical retail and restaurant conditions monitoring use-cases enabled by Rigado include:

  • Food Safety Monitoring for automated compliance reporting and avoiding spoilage (case study)
  • Staff Alerts for Unsafe Conditions such as a refrigerator door left open, or perishables in need of attention
  • Vaccine & Medicine Monitoring to ensure compliance with CDC guidelines during transport and storage (case study)

Asset Tracking & Predictive Maintenance

Keeping track of key assets and equipment in distributed retail environments can optimize operational costs and avoid costly maintenance. Rigado’s plug-and-play sensor networks make it easy to collect and deliver real-time data to support applications such as:

  • Tracking pallets and goods in retail warehouses and distribution centers (customer example)
  • Monitoring beverage dispensing using wireless flow meters to track waste, over-pours and tie back to POS (case study)
  • Securing high-value product – with wireless sensors to monitor, for example, when premium product displays or back doors are open

Connected Customer Experiences

Today’s retail & restaurant customers expect their in-store visits to be fully integrated with and enhanced by their online and mobile experiences.

Rigado’s device network and edge infrastructure gateways enable data collection and automation to support rich in-store customer experiences, including:

  • Streamlined Ordering and Delivery by using our gateways to communicate with in-store location beacons to enable personalized table service. (case study)
  • Mobile App Experience Integration is achieved through Rigado’s gateways communicating with customer’s mobile phones and apps in the store



“Rigado Cascade provides secure, scalable IoT connectivity that allows us to quickly develop and deploy our solutions for connected hospitality.
We can help brands launch a reliable, differentiated guest experience even faster, while winning the cost efficiencies IoT offers.”

– David Helms, Chief Technology Officer, Radius Networks



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