It’s an IoT World, Now More Than Ever!

IoT Is The Future

The world of IoT is doing well. At least that is the impression we got from a great week exhibiting at the IoT World trade show in Santa Clara.

Attendance was way up over previous years and the whole feel was very energized in a “getting business done” kind of way. IoT has definitely left the “experimental” phase and is moving into a more mature phase with increasing momentum.

Complete IoT Solution

It was a great week for Rigado as well, especially with the recent launch of our Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution and the overwhelming response and interest we have received. Designed to simplify development and deployment for teams building IoT products or solutions by removing much of the “heavy lifting” of building out a secure edge infrastructure, the market timing for Cascade appears to be perfect.

No Need To Build Your Own Secure Edge Infrastructure

One major takeaway from the show was the need for an ecosystem of building blocks. It ‘takes a village’ to design, develop, deploy & manage an IoT solution, and companies are looking for ‘building blocks’ that allow them to avoid starting from scratch, but still tailor a solution to their needs.

Complete Solution Offers Great ROI

This is especially true in Commercial IoT applications where the companies wanting to build IoT solutions have a competency in something like power tools, commercial real estate, or office furniture design, but are looking to differentiate and add value for their customers by adding intelligence to those solutions. In these cases, especially, the ROI for their IoT initiative is going to be very hard to justify if the team must become experts in something like complex low power wireless technology just to get started in a PoC.

IoT Security Solution

Another major takeaway was the continued concern around IoT security and the risk associated with deploying a solution. Certainly all the latest IoT DDOS attacks and data breaches were included in the main stage presentations and could be overheard as good conversation starters around the coffee break stands.

We spent a good deal of time talking with attendees about developing end-to-end IoT security. We discussed the importance of starting with a secure element for hardware encryption assigned during manufacturing and utilizing a continuously updating, containerized application environment via an automated service to make sure they stay protected from all the latest evolving threats.

Planning Large-Scale Deployments

Finally, the most exciting part of the show was seeing how many companies are moving from proof of concept to planning of their large-scale deployments. They were there asking, for example, about how to move from 10 sensors and a gateway in two labs using their DIY solution to thousands of sensors and hundreds of gateways in many rooms on two campuses.

The discussions were very timely as much of what their PoCs used in terms of edge infrastructure was not going to work at scale, remotely, nor cost effectively. Cascade Edge-as-a-Service was a great solution for these prospects and we look forward to helping them deploy a saleable, easy to maintain, and cost effective commercial IoT solution over the next few months using the applications they have already developed.

With special thanks to the IoT World organizers we look forward to next year’s show.

If you were not able to make it to the show or were there but missed our booth, please reach out. We would be happy to discuss your IoT initiative challenges and how we might be able to help. You can also catch us at Realcomm in Las Vegas, June 6th-7th in Microsoft’s booth 1818. We look forward to speaking with you.