How Rigado Edge Connect Accelerates Enterprise IoT Deployments

Earlier this month we were excited to announce the launch of the Rigado Edge Connect platform [watch the webinar announcement]. Those familiar with Rigado might note that Edge Connect was already an essential piece of our Edge-as-a-Service solution, enabling edge applications to interact with Bluetooth devices through a standard API. However, this latest release of Edge Connect expands the product into a complete platform for IoT device management – connectivity, computing, and cloud integration – to accelerate wireless infrastructure deployment for the Smart Enterprise.

Here’s a quick look ‘under the hood’ at what Edge Connect enables on the Rigado Gateway:


Rigado Edge Connect


Let’s dive into each function to understand how Edge Connect can save your team months of development time – from pilot through production:

Device Connectivity

Simple connectivity to an open ecosystem of IoT devices

Connecting to and collecting data from IoT devices is the most basic function of an IoT network. Today’s commercial applications demand that wireless connectivity is reliable, cost-effective, and secure. That being said, engineers who have spent time programming low-power wireless device connectivity know that non-trivial expertise and resources are necessary in order to write and maintain enterprise-grade code. Edge Connect removes the heavy lifting required to capture and deliver Bluetooth data to the cloud. In fact, no device programming experience is required at all. Bluetooth-based IoT devices are discovered automatically and connectivity configurations are deployed via over-the-air updating – all managed from within the Rigado Edge Direct interface (more on that later).

Enable and manage connection-based Bluetooth devices

Not every Bluetooth application can be supported by advertisements alone. Connecting to devices can enable secure command-and-control, device configuration, and more. Connection-based devices can also allow for bi-directional device-gateway-cloud communication. This unlocks use cases like actuating devices based on cloud security checks or distributing command-and-control authority between the edge and cloud for more sophisticated machine learning applications. Edge Connect natively manages these connections, replacing complex programming with simple configurations.

Edge Computing

Capture meaningful data with edge processing and filtering

Large-scale IoT deployments in commercial spaces can encompass hundreds or thousands of IoT devices across the network. With so much data being captured every second / minute / hour, processing that data in a configurable and scalable way becomes essential. The ability to aggregate, process and filter sensor data on the edge computing device means that your data is more digestible when it reaches your cloud – at the same time reducing issues related to bandwidth and latency. Companies leveraging cellular backhaul will find this especially critical as a way to reduce ongoing data costs. Further, data store and forwarding is supported for edge devices with storage capacity. Edge Connect also provides the ability to easily add metadata from devices and gateways (like time and location stamps) to increase the richness and context of edge data.


Cloud Integration

Deliver IoT data directly to your cloud service

Edge Connect securely delivers data to your on-prem or cloud services provider – and IoT sensor data is sent as JSON code to simplify integration with cloud applications. It’s important to point out that data is never held, viewed, or saved by Rigado. Your data pipeline is securely sent only to your cloud. Edge Connect can run in a variety of compute environments with flexible backhaul connectivity options including LTE, future-proofing your IoT infrastructure as technologies evolve.

Rigado is certified with AWS and Azure

Rigado is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, and Edge Connect can run AWS Greengrass in a dedicated snap. For Azure users, Rigado is Azure IoT certified and the Rigado Cascade Gateway and partner sensors are integrated into IoT Central. Having these pre-integrated options available to our partners further reduces the development and integration time for any IoT project.


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It’s worth understating now how the Edge Connect platform and Edge Direct remote management tool work together:

Edge Direct Cloud-based Monitoring & Management Tool


Edge Direct Screen


IoT device management at commercial scale

Large-scale IoT deployments spanning hundreds of sites and thousands of edge devices necessitate a reliable and secure management system. An updated user-friendly web interface for our Edge Direct remote management tool reduces the complexity of ongoing edge device management and updating, including a flexible tagging system for tracking devices, applications and locations. Or leverage the Rigado API to integrate data into an existing systems management software. Edge Direct supports alerting for important monitoring events, such as loss of edge device connectivity – and individual gateway activity logfiles can be downloaded for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting.

Maintain both software and configurations for large deployments

The latest release includes a new “config state management” feature. This allows for network settings, Edge Connect data processing configuration, cloud connectivity, and more to be set as a “desired future state” and deployed automatically when gateways come online as part of an installation or provisioning process. Coupled with Rigado’s software update features, gateways can be kept secure and configured properly at scale. Our partners and customers have found this to be a major differentiator of the Rigado platform – quickly enabling a robust edge infrastructure with simple setup.


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Accelerating Enterprise IoT Deployments

Leveraging Rigado Edge Connect accelerates Enterprise IoT pilot and production deployments in three key ways:

Easy Device Connectivity – Replaces custom edge connectivity applications with simple device configurations. This saves IoT teams time and resources both up front and ongoing, with continuous application updating as required.

Configurable Edge Computing – Flexible hardware and backhaul options combine with intelligent data filtering to lead to more efficient and scalable IoT deployments.

Direct Cloud integration – Pre-integration with AWS IoT and Azure IoT make getting to your data as easy as possible – while maintaining enterprise security standards.

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