Real-time Store Operations: Showcasing WeissBeerger’s Trayz Solution

We’re always excited to highlight our partners’ Rigado-powered solutions – and this time we’re putting the spotlight on Weissbeerger’s next-generation Trayz solution for bar and restaurant operations optimization.

About WeissBeerger

Founded in 2011, WeissBeerger has developed the leading data analytics platform for the Food & Beverage industry, now deployed in thousands of “connected bars”. Having been acquired by AB Inbev, the company now serves as an analytics arm of the largest brewery in the world.

WeissBeerger Trayz is the only solution that allows owners to track performance, benchmark it against competitors and receive smart insights to boost their business.

Rigado-powered Edge Solution for Real-time Data

A key element of WeissBeerger’s next-generation Trayz solution was the evolution to wireless sensor networks for tap flow control and temperature sensing. The previous version of Trayz had used wired sensors, which often required over 800 feet of sensor cabling to set up a typical bar with 16 beer taps to monitor. This made for costly up- front installation and led to maintenance issues in the field.

WeissBeerger selected Rigado gateways to provide the edge infrastructure for the Trayz wireless connectivity and edge data processing. , thanks both to Rigado’s ability to connect to the custom wireless tap flow control meters that WeissBeerger developed – as well Rigado’s platform for monitoring and managing the overall system.


The next-generation Trayz solution from WeissBeerger is an integrated operations management solution for bars and restaurant owners, that includes:

• Rigado C-500W Gateways for edge connectivity and computing
• Wireless flow control & temperature sensors
• Amazon AWS Greengrass & AWS IoT Core
• A DIY Installer App for Bar Owners

The plug-and-play solution can be installed in minutes, and is monitored and managed through the Rigado edge infrastructure.

Check out the Webinar!

We recently hosted a webinar with Nicky Zintchenko, IoT Lead at WeissBeerger, in which he previews their next-generation store operations product, Trayz, and talks about how they architected the solution to eliminated installation costs, improve flexibility and prepare for global roll-out.

Watch the Webinar recording here.