Flexible Security at Scale with Rigado and NXP Semiconductors

One of the mission-critical components of commercial IoT that Rigado brings to clients is security – be it through constant and consistent OTA firmware updates or the commitment to partnering with the most secure software and hardware providers in the industry.

At Embedded World 2019, Rigado and NXP® Semiconductors announced another step toward providing premier security, ensuring that commercial IoT deployments — powered by Rigado Cascade — keep devices and data secure, from individual devices to the cloud.

Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateway — the hardware component of our integrated solution for edge connectivity, computing and security — now comes equipped with NXP’s A71CH Security IC. The chip allows for flexible and secure connections to a range of cloud services, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, without writing security code or exposing keys. It also delivers an increased level of security through a robust, hardware-based key update and management solution.

In a press release, Rigado CTO Justin Rigling explained the additional value of the new chip, saying:

“Our integration of the A71CH ‘Plug & Trust’ solution allows us to remove the cost of ownership and complexity of credential provisioning of gateways with unique TLS certificates – something that previously required the manual registration of each individual gateway onto the cloud service.”

The A71CH solution means Rigado’s Cascade IoT Gateway comes equipped with the intelligent handling of secure connection protocols, digital signatures, digital certificates, and asymmetric cryptography algorithms to generate private and public keys. Further, Rigado’s Edge Direct monitoring tools make it easy to manage gateways and apply evergreen security updates at scale.

In short, the addition of the secure chip to the Cascade solution will help to ease the burdens of complexity, risk, and cost associated with deploying an IoT solution at commercial scale.

For more information, read the press release or check out the links above.