No Silos at the Edge: The Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure

Please join us for our upcoming webinar “No Silos at the Edge: The Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure” on September 25th at 9:00AM PT. IoT solutions have been talked about for a fairly long time, but are really just now getting into the main stream of business. Their true ROI and efficacy is beginning to be tested and proven. From hand soap monitors that alert maintenance employees when they need to be refilled to indoor navigation that helps nurses find the closest crash cart, we have seen a wide gamut of fantastically creative, useful, and promising solutions. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that each solution is being developed and implemented in its own silo. Based on current trends, hospitals of the future, for example, will have tens of thousands of device sensors and hundreds of gateways all tracking, sensing and monitoring different assets, environmental values, and workplace variables in overlapping infrastructures. In addition to the installation and maintenance chaos that this would create, you can easily see it being a nightmare to get one of these systems to integrate with another in order to get value from them working together.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the possible pitfalls, complexity, and scaling issues that Commercial IoT will run into as it attempts to get into the business mainstream at scale. We’ll also talk about possible architectural design suggestions for using shared infrastructure to minimize the management chaos and facilitate system integration of IoT solutions. This approach has the promise to maximize business value while reducing time-to-market, risk and cost.

Please join us.


September 25th, 2018


9:00 AM Pacific Time

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