Unique Design Challenges of Commercial IoT [Recorded Webinar]

Please join us for the webinar titled “Unique Design Challenges of Commercial IoT: What every project lead needs to know to improve their odds”. In this webinar we discuss the differences between Industrial, Consumer and Commercial IoT applications like Smart Building, Smart Retail, Connected Guest Experiences, and Location and Asset Tracking. Many attempts to create Commercial IoT solutions for these use cases have attempted to borrow technologies, solutions, business models, and design ideas from either Consumer, Industrial or both. This borrowing of ideas that are not specifically designed and tailored to the challenges of Commercial IoT is the chief cause of the IoT initiative high failure rate.

Don’t get trapped by the same missteps. Please join our Commercial IoT experts to learn the unique factors of Commercial IoT solutions that are critical to success.

Each person who watches gets entered in to a drawing for a Jamstik+ Bluetooth guitar.


Originally Recorded: July 10th, 9AM PT



Recorded Video

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