Bluetooth Working Group Summit 2018

Rigado CTO Justin Rigling will be addressing the Bluetooth Working Group Summit September 13th. He will be discussing “Unlocking Bluetooth’s potential in commercial markets” in his session staring at 10:15am PT. We hope you will join the working group for his presentation.

Abstract: Bluetooth has dominated the consumer short range wireless market with a strong brand and ubiquitous coverage in mobile phones, making Bluetooth the obvious choice for consumer widgets. However, solution providers for Commercial IoT Services have many more options for low power, short range wireless connectivity because Bluetooth is not installed in every Commercial office building. Making Bluetooth the easy choice for Commercial IoT Vendors requires a multi-faceted approach where Application specific software vendors, Sensor and IoT Gateway Manufacturers can all take advantage of a strong standard that extends from the right radio modes for commercial environments to the models and profiles that support specific commercial use cases.


September 13th, 2018


10:15 AM PT

Marina Room @ the Woodmark Hotel
Kirkland, WA

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