Webinar: Healthcare Asset Monitoring at Scale Using BLE

Healthcare facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, and medical clinics rely on cold chain solutions to maintain safe storage conditions for vaccines and medicines. A breakdown in process can result in breach of compliance, significant financial loss, and/or loss of life. Until recently, technicians with clipboards manually and routinely logged cold chain data, leaving room for human error, providing low reading frequency, and with significant soft costs.

Onset Data Loggers leverage Rigado gateways to offer healthcare facilities a real-time, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based monitoring solution that enables central management and local control of cold chain for vaccines and medicines – including remote alarm notification and automated responses if cold chain conditions move outside of a specified temperature range. Join Onset and Rigado for a webinar on “Healthcare Asset Monitoring at Scale Using Bluetooth Low Energy” featuring Paul DellaVilla, Product Manager at Onset, and Kevin Tate, CRO at Rigado. Paul and Kevin will discuss:

  • Designing an edge computing architecture that enables quick, secure alerting and automated response with centralized data logging and management
  • Optimization of BLE advertisements to quickly and remotely notify of alarms balanced with battery life and replacement
  • Cost-effective scalability made possible by utilizing a gateway architecture rather than cellular or Wi-Fi sensors
  • Deployment of complex IoT solutions as plug-and-play to remote locations
  • Considerations in building an IoT solution that is 21CFR compliant and meets CDC, FDA, VFC and Local State Requirements
  • Case Study of 500+ locations pharmacy chain monitoring temperature of vaccines
  • … and more, including time for Q&A!

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February 12, 2019


9:00a PT

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