Proven Tools for IoT Innovators

Rigado’s team has partnered with industry-leading clients to launch more than 200 connected products.


It was our hands-on wireless development experience that led us to start creating our own wireless modules in 2014.  Today, our modules power millions of low energy wireless devices while our Gateways securely connect your devices to the cloud.

DeviceOps allows for secure provisioning and release management to devices in the field keeping your connected products updated with the latest firmware and configuration.

DeviceOps End-to-End Connectivity Platform

Enabling teams to easily design, deploy and scale low-energy wireless devices


Our latest solution for connected product teams is the DeviceOps Platform for secure updating.

Based on our work with companies deploying thousands… then tens of thousands… and then millions of devices in the field, we saw first-hand the challenges those teams faced in keeping connected products updated with their latest firmware and configuration.

To address those challenges, we created the DeviceOps Platform as a set of tools to power customers’ large-scale device update and management solutions.

Compressed Differential Updater

We have developed a firmware update compression capability that reduces the time and risk of device updating.  By comparing the new firmware to the existing – and then managing the transfer of just the new code – we can dramatically reduce the size of the update.

Mobile Updater Tools

These libraries for iOS and Android make it easy for companies to include secure updating capability in their native apps.  By leveraging the Secure Bootloader already loaded on the Rigado module, these libraries allow for a plug-and-play OTA firmware updating capability.

Cloud-based Management Tools

Companies with thousands – or millions – of connected devices in the field face unique challenges in managing configuration and firmware updates.  We have developed a set of cloud-based services for clients to leverage as the backbone of their secure OTA updating.



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