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New developments in IoT for Hospitality promise to improve guest and employee experiences, as well as enable new use-cases for operational efficiency and employee safety. In environments ranging from restaurants & hotels to music venues & casinos, companies are looking to delight guests and streamline operations.

However, deploying a secure edge infrastructure to support the wide range of sensors, devices and applications required to serve both front-of-house and back-of-house applications can often be complicated.

That’s where Rigado comes in.
We provide edge infrastructure for connected hospitality solutions.

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Connected Hospitality Infrastructure

Build your Connected Hospitality solution on Rigado Cascade Edge-as-a-Service and create a secure data pipeline to your cloud.

Example Sensors Types: Typical Edge Applications:
Presence Sensor Guest & Employee Presence & Optimization
Maintenance Sensor Supply & Clean-up Notification
Comfort Sensor Building Controls Integration
Table Location Sensor Table Delivery Service
IoT Gateways:

  Cascade IoT Gateway

Case Study: Radius Networks


Radius Networks is a location technology company, with a mission to improve the guest and employee experience, increase order throughput, and streamline service and delivery options for hospitality clients.Their Customer Location Platform provides proximity-as-a-service to over 30,000 locations across 60 countries.


Radius needed a secure and reliable edge gateway solution to power their table delivery service solution for quick serve restaurants. The gateways needed to be high-performance, cost-effective and efficient to install – enabling them roll-out to restaurants around the globe.


Radius chose Rigado gateways for their restaurant solution edge infrastructure, leveraging Rigado’s high- performance Bluetooth gateways for their BLE-based location service. Customers can order from a kiosk or their phone, and have their food delivered right to their table.


The Radius table service solution, powered by Rigado gateways, has been successfully deployed to over 30,000 locations across the globe. Their customers report significant increases in customer satisfaction and spending as a result.

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Deploy & Scale Your Connected Hospitality Solution on Rigado

Reliable and secure edge connectivity is often challenging – and expensive – for building technology solution providers and systems integrators to design, develop and deploy. Integrating a secure, low-power wireless (e.g. BLE) solution into an existing building system can be complex and often requires a custom architecture. Additionally, creating an IoT solution from scratch is both time and resource-intensive and often requires substantial up-front capital, unnecessarily lengthening time to ROI.

For these reasons, Connected Hospitality solution providers choose to partner with Rigado, leveraging our Cascade infrastructure as the foundation of their edge connectivity and computing.

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