Commercial Connecting to Consumer IoT – Rigado at CES 2019

Commercial IoT at CES

Rigado will be at CES 2019 in Las Vegas in January to discuss the technology trend that will soon impact all consumers: the Commercial Internet of Things. 

CES is best known  as a show for impressive new home devices and personal gear. But the concept of “consumer tech” now goes far beyond what we put in our pocket, connect to our home Wi-Fi, or use to stream Stranger Things or Star Trek reruns. 

At Rigado, we’re powering the transition to this new Connected Universe with our “edge-as-a-service” offering that streamlines IoT integration in commercial spaces.

From Consumer to Connected Universe

The consumer experience of IoT is being expanded beyond our homes and our vehicles. We’ll soon live in a Connected Universe that allows our coffee order to be ready as we walk by the corner shop on the way to work. Grocery runs can take place without  checkout lines or registers. Restaurant orders will increasingly be delivered instantly to us tableside or curbside – no need for the traditional experience. Even doctor visits will be quicker, more efficient and more effective.

Everything from our workspaces to our dry-cleaning pickups, from the ice cream shop to the gym, and from the office supply store to the bookstore will be seamlessly integrated into our consumer lives. It won’t matter what phone OS we prefer or which home assistant we use, this expanded Connected Universe will impact every one of us as consumers. 

Rigado in the Connected Universe

Traditionally, the obstacles that have stopped IoT integration are the complexities of network installation and management, the cost of adding multiple systems (especially at scale), and the security risk. At Rigado, we streamline the process for you. You can hear more from Rigado CRO Kevin Tate on how commercial IoT projects get stuck in his presentation at IoT Tech Expo 2018. 

At Rigado we offer the commercial  market a turn-key solution to these problems. We help make the complex easy through:

  • Offering a secure and scalable wireless edge infrastructure and intuitive management software.
  • Reducing upfront and total costs through an annual payment plan.
  • Meticulously managing network security so that you don’t have to. 

We’re securely, interoperably and innovatively helping the commercial market move from idea and application pilot to full-scale execution. The result? A technology deployment that improves every consumer’s life with increases in efficiency, quality and simplicity. 

Looking for a wireless edge infrastructure that is stable, scalable and secure? Connect with our Solutions Team Today. We’re always ready to discuss how we can make commercial IoT work for you without the complexity, cost and risk.