Cascade Software EAP Ensures Commercial IoT Solution Reliability

Rigado customers have implemented some of today’s largest and most impressive commercial IoT solutions. Radius Networks leverages over 1 million(!) combined Bluetooth sensor and gateway devices to power their Customer Location Platform – deployed to more than 30,000 quick-service restaurant locations globally [case study]. Onset provides a real-time temperature monitoring solution for vaccines in the pharmaceutical supply chain, deployed across the US in more than 500 healthcare facilities [case study]. CBRE feeds workplace environmental sensor data through Rigado gateways to Microsoft Azure Digital Twins service, where occupancy insights drive efficiency in commercial real estate.

Impressive IoT solutions are built on complex edge infrastructures that enable the interoperability of each part of the solution architecture. Here at Rigado our job is to make the complex manageable. For our partners and customers that means more resources to focus on their differentiation. And for us that means always seeking to improve and make more efficient internal system processes. One way we do that is with ongoing development of Cascade orchestration and observability tools [learn more]. Now, with a Cascade software Early Access Program (EAP) we are leveraging an industry best-practice deployment method that ensures solution reliability and security for commercial IoT.

Avoiding disruption or downtime in the flow of IoT network infrastructure is essential for the long-term success of a solution. With the Cascade EAP we replicate the IoT environment of the participating customer – including network and software setup – in the Rigado lab, where we test all updates before they go live. This allows time for an update to ‘soak’ into the system where, once proven stable, it’s pushed to the entire fleet. The EAP approach allows IoT network end-devices to be updated selectively and securely – without concern for system interruption, no matter how complex the system.

Are you a Rigado customer interested in participating in the Cascade EAP? Reach out to a member of your support team and let us know! For those who aren’t yet using Rigado but are looking for a wireless edge infrastructure that is stable, scalable and secure please reach out to our Solutions Team. We’re always ready to discuss how we can make commercial IoT work for you without the complexity, cost and risk.