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Rigado Cascade Edge-as-a-Service Evaluation Kit including 6 months of free Edge-as-a-Service, a Cascade 500 IoT Gateway, a Nordic Thingy:52 sensor, self-guided tutorials and device to cloud sample code.
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Prototyping with the Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution can help you get started quickly and then scale on the same platform to any size. Our goal is to help your team save time and cost, while lowering your development and security risk, by providing a kit that gives you a head start and makes it easy to deploy to production. You can watch the Cascade Evaluation Kit video for more information.

Please Note: The simplicity, scale and cost effectiveness Cascade Edge-as-a-Service provides for Commercial IoT initiatives from initial PoC to full production scale only make sense if the full deployment scale is over a minimum of 100 service subscriptions deployed within 12 months of the beginning of production.

The Cascade Evaluation Kit includes:

  • 6 months of included Edge-as-a-Service subscription
  • A Cascade-500 IoT Gateway
  • A Nordic Thingy:52 Sensor with motion, gyro, temp, air-quality sensors, microphone and more
  • Self-guided development tutorials
  • Device-to-cloud demo code for sensor and integration testing

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