BMD-340 Wireless Modules Now Available!

Rigado is excited to announce that our newest flagship module, the BMD-340 (based on Nordic nRF52840), is now shipping in evaluation and production quantities through our distributor partners. The BMD-340 provides a powerful & ultra-efficient, complete RF solution with an ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU, integrated 2.4GHz transceiver, and integrated antenna. The module also provides USB peripheral support.


Delayed initially by SoC performance upgrades and SoM certifications, the highly-anticipated BMD-340 module is now Bluetooth SIG qualified and RF certified in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. The performance upgrades to the silicon were worth the wait and have allowed us to produce a module that provides 7 times the range of our BMD-300 (based on Nordic nRF52832) and can be set for double the bandwidth throughput.

Finally, the BMD-340 is footprint compatible with its predecessors, the BMD-300/301 and BMD-330 (based on Nordic nRF52810), offering a complete lineup for a tiered product offering, and allowing development to begin on one module and be easily changed to one of the others if necessary.* For an overall lower-cost option (if you will not need 802.15.4 connectivity) the BMD-300 and BMD-301 (U.FL connector) are still excellent options. The BMD-330 is our most cost-sensitive option in the BMD lineup, while making full use of the SoC’s capabilities and peripherals.

The BMD-340 is fully Bluetooth 5 certified, supporting long range, higher throughput, and increased broadcast capacity. It also includes IEEE 802.15.4 support for Thread and ZigBee. While the earlier BMD-300 series modules are all Bluetooth 5 qualified, the BMD-340 is Rigado’s first module with all Bluetooth 5 features, including the long-range capabilities.

Modules and evaluation kits are available through our distributor partners: Arrow, Digi-Key, Future, and Mouser. Learn more about the BMD-340 and find links to purchase modules here.

* Note that there is one caveat regarding a pin number swap that you can read about in the BMD-340 Data Sheet (section 6.3.1)