Bluetooth to AWS using the Rigado Vesta Gateway

Creating IoT devices is never easy, but Rigado is focused on making the core building blocks to make your devices connected as easy as possible, so you can focus on adding real value to your IoT application.

Connecting Bluetooth Sensors to AWS

We are pleased to announce two new tutorials for connecting Bluetooth sensors to Amazon web services.  Both demos show gateways users how to pull data from remote Bluetooth sensors, package it for Amazon web services, secure the data and send it to AWS.  This is often one of the major pieces is making a Bluetooth widget a real IoT device.

The first tutorial, located here, uses a drag and drop GUI based development environment.  We show you how to setup a AWS Dynamo database, package the data up and send it to Amazon.

The simplicity of the drag and drop configurability allows gateways users not familiar with embedded programming to quickly and easily develop applications that run on the Vesta gateway.  No programming required!  Just login to the configuration page on the Vesta Gateway and you can start dragging and dropping new features.  Using this nodeRED drag and drop interface you can begin communicating with other sensors, connecting to cloud providers, push notifications, working with voice assistant devices, building out complex logic and processing flows, creating offline storage and caching, and thousands of others modules found at

Traditional Approach

For those looking for a traditional software programming approach we have a second tutorial, located here, based on node.js.  Node.js a popular JavaScript based language for IoT devices.  The tutorial walks you through how to gather data from a remote Bluetooth sensor, in this case a light sensor, then configure AWS Kinesis Firehose securely and connect the Vesta Gateway to it.  Finally, it shows how to take the data we got from the BLE light sensors and send it securely to AWS Kinesis Firehose.  In the tutorial Rigado utilizes Node.js to allow customers to make powerful applications that can run on the gateway.  The AWS example can easily be extended to do edge processing on the data, create triggers and alerts, control other devices over Bluetooth, Thread or other IP based devices.  With a powerful scripting language like node.js, that most web developers are very familiar with, the sky is the limit for edge applications on the gateway!

If you prefer a different language like C, C++, Python, JAVA or others Rigado’s SDK supports these as well.  We even have libraries on the Vesta Gateway for connecting them to IBM, AWS, Azure and Google clouds.  Contact your Rigado sales member or to get a Vesta Gateway to start working on your next IoT project today!

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