Beyond Smart Lighting

Emerging IoT Industries

The Smart Lighting systems and solutions market is one of the most mature among the rapidly emerging IoT industries. Searching the Internet for “smart lighting” returns many pages of consumer products, like connected light bulbs and smart home lighting systems, from big companies such as Philips, Leviton, Sylvania, and GE as well as the many retailers who carry those products. Certainly, this is a strong indication of the maturity of the market place for consumer smart lighting. It is also such a win-win solution for saving of costs, power and in the end the planet, we hope.

smart lighting

Smart Lighting in Commercial Spaces

Beyond consumer products, the IoT-driven lighting systems and solutions in commercial spaces are seeing successful large-scale development and deployments. Rigado has been lucky to work with lighting innovators like Soraa, and Fagerhult – our experience building and connecting low-power wireless modules via a wide variety of connection types (Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee, WiFi, Ethernet and even large-scale mesh options like Wirepas) makes us a good partner for smart lighting.

Secure Connections in Commercial Spaces

In addition, Rigado is very interested in a slightly different part of commercial smart lighting. For us, smart lighting is also about helping IoT teams build in Smart Buildings, Smart Retail, and really about providing secure connections and edge computing in any commercial space. Often lighting is the first IoT initiative, but it is then followed closely by asset tracking, occupancy, access control, security, and more. Rigado’s IoT gateway product offers very secure, yet open environment, for multiple applications and connectivity types. The IoT gateway can start as an integrated part of smart lighting and grow easily and very cost effectively into a complete platform for all IoT initiatives. Teams working on IoT projects can add additional applications and connectivity to their smart lighting solution without adding more gateways and costs.

And, Rigado is excited to be exhibiting May 8th-10th at LightFair in Chicago. LightFair brings together over 10,000 lighting experts and 550+ companies for the biggest show of its kind on the planet. We will be in the IoT Pavilion with our solution engineers, a smart lighting demonstration with our partners from Nordic Semiconductor, and new IoT edge connectivity and computing products. If you will be attending LightFair and are interested in wireless modules for smart lighting or the possibility of expanding your smart lighting solution to more edge applications, please join us in booth #124. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago. Reserve your meeting time by signing up for a pre-set meeting today.

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