AWS Webinar Highlights Greengrass on Cascade Gateway

AWS IoT Greengrass is a true enabler of IoT solutions at commercial scale when combined with Bluetooth Low Energy end devices.

Rigado’s Cascade-500 gateway was the first IoT gateway in 2018 to add AWS IoT Greengrass 1.7 capabilities. At that time we mentioned a few of the benefits realized by combining the scalability of Greengrass edge computing with the flexibility of Bluetooth connectivity.

To further highlight the benefits of such an integration, Rigado VP of Product Toban Zolman recently took an in-depth look at a real-life application of Greengrass running on a Cascade Gateway. He demos a warehouse sensor-to-cloud asset and environmental data pipeline that leverages Bluetooth connectivity and AWS Greengrass edge integrations to drive live event triggers.

The presentation, part of a webinar hosted by AWS, is available to view at the AWS website (starting at 31:00).

asset tracking architecture

“(The deployment) is surfacing a host of environmental data including temperature, pressure and humidity, which lets us do alerting around environmental thresholds being exceeded. In addition, we are surfacing signal strength, which we leverage for location and positioning. This is used extensively in large facilities with multiple gateways. We can read signal strength of a particular asset tag across multiple gateways to determine where in a building a particular package is located. We could identify this package has exceeded the temperature threshold and it’s in Building Three, Zone A – and an operator could go address that.”

Toban Zolman, VP Product, Rigado

Warehouse Sensor-to-Cloud Demo Highlights

    • Start-to-finish installation process of a Greengrass snap onto a Cascade gateway
    • Deploying Greengrass code to a Cascade gateway
    • Example of a functional asset tracking solution, actively deployed within warehouses
    • Examination of the depth and breadth of sensor data available in a location / monitoring solution
    • Diagnostic and maintenance data, such as battery level
    • Managing the rate of sensor pings to a gateway – a method that can be used to extend device battery life

Complexity characterizes a comprehensive and successful solution around location and environmental monitoring in a logistics environment. Using Greengrass to extend AWS IoT onto local Bluetooth-based devices makes the complex more manageable. Gateways can act locally on the data they generate while still utilizing the advantage of cloud computing. That’s an exciting development for companies utilizing large-scale IoT solutions to locate, track and gather sensor data at the edge.

We’ve highlighted Toban’s part of the presentation here, but the webinar as a whole is well worth a watch. IoT experts highlight and explain key benefits and existing use cases of AWS IoT Greengrass at the edge. And Prologis – a Rigado partner – highlight the work they’ve been doing on their exciting “warehouse of the future”.

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