A Big Story from CES is not for Consumers

Wireless Digital Infrastructure

Aside from the estimated 70,000 exhibitor staff and 7,000 members of the media, analyst and blogging community, the remaining 100,000 attendees at CES this past week were mainly business executives — the individuals who deploy consumer-facing technologies to support existing businesses and new business ideas. Among this group, wireless digital infrastructure — cellular but also, critically, smart buildings — is a hot but untold story.

Digital Infrastructure (Instead of Digital Devices) is Transforming Consumer Experiences and Driving Lifestyle and Behavioral Change

CES Wireless digital infrastructure

Consumer Bluetooth has been a critical part of many of the products at CES for years but now new Bluetooth technologies are enabling a new market known as Commercial IoT that allows coffee shops, movie theaters, workplaces, schools, retailers and more to create new consumer experiences. In doing so, they’re transforming consumer environments to make them not merely smarter but also safer, more efficient, engaging and more fun.

Streamlined IoT Integration

In 2019 the consumer experience of IoT will extend beyond the body, homes and vehicles. Rigado is powering the transition to this new connected universe with an Edge-as-a-Service offering that streamlines IoT integration in commercial spaces. Traditionally, the obstacles that have stopped IoT integration are the complexity of installation and management, the cost of adding multiple systems (especially at scale), and the risk involved with security.

Commercial IoT Solution

Rigado brings the commercial market a turnkey solution to these problems: a partnership making the complex easy through secure, scalable and manageable low power wireless edge infrastructure, a monthly subscription fee for Rigado gateways, and meticulously managed security.

Imagine friction-less retail: a seamless experience of shopping without the long lines caused by bottle-necked checkout kiosks and stores that know your sizes and preferences and help guide you amongst the aisles offering immediately relevant discounts on items you need and want.

Imagine a smarter workplace: a place where autonomy replaces automation and the lighting, shading, temperature, room scheduling, and other systems occur with little human input.

Imagine a safer hospital: a location where patient vitals are monitored in real time and critical assets like wheelchairs and crash carts are automatically tracked – and in the case of vaccines and medicines, temperature, humidity, and vibration are also monitored to ensure effectiveness.

Simple Solution for Smart Buildings

These intelligent buildings are more than just possible, they are immediately actionable because of Rigado’s easy-to-deploy, hyper-reliable edge technology that takes an IoT idea and quickly, securely and reliably supports a complete IoT solution.

Rigado is helping the commercial IoT market move from idea to full-scale execution. The result? Technology deployments that improve every consumer’s life with increases in efficiency, quality and simplicity.

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