Five reasons to use a Bluetooth Low Energy module in your next design

Don’t shy away from creating a Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled product. BLE modules eliminate many design challenges and help developers connect to the IoT.

Bluetooth 4.0 Ecosystem


So, you have an incredible idea for a product that connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, also known as Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth 4.x) to your computer or mobile device without using too much power. Where will you start?

Without intricate RF knowledge and experience RF designs can be extremely challenging, time consuming and expensive. In addition to the required technical knowledge, choosing to design your Bluetooth Low Energy project via a discrete or chip down solution requires expensive and time-consuming testing, equipment and certifications. It’s liable to stop your project in its tracks.

But don’t give up on your killer idea. Choosing a BLE module versus a discrete design can solve all of these problems, including some you might not have even thought about. Deciding whether to use a BLE module can make or break your product.

We think it’s a no-brainer. Here are 5 reasons why you should use a BLE module in your product design:

1. BLE modules shorten your time to market.

With all the research, certification, multiple testing, equipment and work involved in designing a BLE-enabled product from scratch, your development process could take years. By the time you finish that initial prototype, you might be miles behind other tech, and your market may have come and gone. BLE modules can shorten your time to market by six months or more, especially if…

2. They come pre-certified with Bluetooth, FCC, IC, CE and other required certifications.

bmd100finger-369x300Many BLE modules, like Rigado’s BMD series, are pre-certified. If you choose a discrete BLE solution, it can take months to acquire all necessary certification for your product.

This means researching, applying, and waiting for certifications – and reapplying if your certification is denied the first time around.

It’s not worth wasting time navigating red tape when pre-certified modules are available. You also forgo any fees required for certification – along with many other costs, considering…

 3. They reduce your upfront investment costs.

Save money on RF engineering, RF testing and production testing. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for engineers, antenna matching and tuning testing equipment, you get a pre-certified and production tested solution. Your fundraising campaign will end that much sooner so you can get on the road to production. You also don’t need to worry about procuring and evaluating multiple RF components, since…

4. A BLE module contains every component you need for RF transmission.

A high-quality BLE module integrates easily into your design. You won’t need to incorporate parts individually into your BLE functionality or design around a tangle of components. Using a module means no time or money wasted working your way around antenna or receiver placement. A pre-made RF component also means easier container design. Instead of wasting your time designing and integrating your BLE component…

5. You can focus on what you’re best at.

Getting bogged down in the details of connectivity is unproductive when you have big-picture goals. You know what you’re best at and what you love doing. Using a BLE module allows you to devote your energy to building and marketing your strengths as a developer so you can move on to new projects.

A module can be your ticket into the wearable, health, home automation, toy, kiosk or other IoT-capable industry of your choice. Rigado’s modules demonstrate all five reasons a BLE module can transform your impact as a developer and help you become an industry leader. With a BLE module, you have the power to bring your concept to market faster, at lower cost and with reliable RF connectivity – the three things every BLE developer wants for their product.